AI for Business in a Day

A Practical Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Business

A one-day crash course for professionals and decision-makers who want to learn about artificial intelligence, the benefits for business, provide an understanding of where it can be applied in a practical sense and what the future holds for the technology.


Artificial intelligence – what is it all about and how will it affect your business? Will robots be the new model employees?

It has been one of the tech buzz-phrases of the last couple of years, rivalling blockchain and virtual reality for discussion in the business community, but artificial intelligence is rapidly moving from intriguing possibility to tangible, measurable deployment. It’s widely believed that artificial intelligence is going to change the world profoundly, although exactly how is still unclear. The fourth industrial revolution is ushering in a new technology-driven world where machines not only do but think.

According to a study by PwC, the adoption of AI solutions will increase the UAE’s GDP by $96bn by 2030. Accenture, another consulting giant says that by 2035 the finance ($37bn), healthcare ($22bn), and transport and storage ($19bn) sectors will see the biggest growth – and they’re all vital cogs in the UAE’s economic machine.

It’s a message that has been clearly understood by the UAE authorities.

In October 2017, the country became the first in the world to have a dedicated Minister of AI when then 27-year-old Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama was given the responsibility of driving forward the UAE 2031 AI strategy, a project that aims to make the government more efficient and streamlined by developing AI technologies.

From the mundane to the breathtaking, artificial intelligence is already disrupting virtually every business process in every industry. As artificial intelligence technologies proliferate, they are becoming an imperative for businesses that want to maintain a competitive edge.

So to answer the opening question – what’s it all about – Arabian Business has flown in one of the world’s leading experts to explain how you can harness the power of AI.


Martin Adams - CEO of Codec.Ai.
Martin Adams - CEO of Codec.Ai. Innovation advisor to brands, celebrities and government


Martin is an international speaker on digital transformation and innovation.

He has advised some of the world’s most high-profile individuals and organisations- including brands like Red Bull, influencers like Barack Obama and governmental organisations like the Royal Marines- on how to better understand their audiences, and how digital transformation can only come from making your organisation more customer-centric.

Martin’s unique and powerful approach has led him to being recognised as a Maserati Top 100 Entrepreneur and is viewed as an international thought leader on how companies must put audiences at the centre of their decisions in order to be more effective and innovative in the modern world. Martin has repeatedly presented to the world's leading brands, government bodies and various members of the Royal family including HRH Elizabeth II and HRH the Duke of York.

Martin draws on an entrepreneurial mindset to show companies big and small, modern and traditional, how they can innovate and use technology and storytelling to build the strongest possible relationships with their audiences. He helped setup the world’s first ever social media agency which was eventually backed by Sean Parker (Facebook, Napster), where he started to learn about the power of audience networks to drive innovation.

He is also the CEO and Founder of, a company that has raised millions to map popular culture around the globe so that companies no longer have to guess what their audiences want from them. Codec works with the leading brands in the world, including Unilever, Nespresso Time Inc and the BBC, and has been recognised as ‘the Best Artificial Intelligence Product in Marketing’ (CognitionX) and one of the 50 most disruptive businesses in the UK (Real Business).

Alongside his brother, Martin co-founded the Social Media Unit in partnership with UCL and in the coming months Martin will co publish a book alongside his brother which is the culmination of his incredible career to date coupled with his own personal philosophy; a treatise on the role of technology in innovation and the ways companies must adapt to survive and thrive.


“Martin is up there with the best speakers I've seen. He has founded numerous companies and institutions devoted to how he sees the world, and he has the special habit of seeing it the right way. He fundamentally cares about the intersection of technology and business, and can speak with clarity and passion to help the audience understand how they win big in the modern world."

- Oli Woodley, SVP Commercial, Vice MediA

“I can honestly say that no one gets technology and its role in modern business more than Martin. Crucially he doesn’t just think about it or talk about it, he is able to draw upon fascinating stories and examples from a fascinating career spent building and using it with companies around the world. He passionately believes in what he says on stage and brings it to life better than anyone."

- Greg Ivanov, Head of Google VR